And you are?

On an everyday field trip

I grew up in Northeast Wisconsin, traveled the United States from an early age and started to explore the world outside our borders in fifth grade on a family road trip to Ontario, Canada. I’ve traveled ever since. I grew up living life as if everyday was a field trip; filled with new things to discover. I’m trying to raise our son with the same sense of adventure. Now I have a husband, a young son and a full-time job.  I hope to take you on our field trips, both mundane and exotic, whether it’s an eventful trip to the grocery store with my son or our annual road trip to Colorado.


2 thoughts on “And you are?

  1. Kenn

    Thanks for the insights.

  2. Hi, I just did a post on my blog where I named you as one of the recipients of the Lovely Blog Award. This is a little like a glorified chain letter but it might bring more followers to your site. Please consider passing it on but if you don’t I will be the first to understand. Jeanne

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