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Easter Egg Hunt (or one more way to add stealth education to my son’s day)

Easter Egg Hunt
Before our son was old enough to read we hid his Easter basket and played “Hot or Cold” to help him find it. One year I drew a map of the house and an X marks the spot. The next year I made up clues- Each time he found a clue, I read it and he solved it, eventually leading to the big basket reveal in the tub. Last year I made it a little more difficult hiding plastic Easter eggs around the house and yard. No clues to find the egg this time- it was way too time consuming coming up with those (rhyming) clues. Each egg had a few jelly beans and one letter in it. Once he found all the eggs he had to unscramble the letters to figure out the location of his Easter basket. He loved it. Now he’s imagining what challenge the Easter Bunny has in store for him this year.

Easter Egg Hunt Hint

This year will be more challenging. I’m moving towards making the hunt for the basket what he looks forward to most, rather than the candy. What he remembers when he talks about Easters past are the hunts and the strange places he’s found the eggs and baskets. Last night I stayed up late working on the rough draft of Cracking the Easter Code 2013.  When he decodes the secret message at the end he’ll find in his basket a few bits of candy, healthier snacks, and an educational toy, but I think he’ll find the hunt the best part this year. What do you think?

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Easter Egg Hunt Code Letter

Still needs tweaking, but this is the letter he’ll find Easter morning.

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