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(Almost) No time for April Fools

April Fool's Day Banana in Lunch

Usually P and I take April Fool’s Day seriously. It’s our hilarious mission for a day to make people laugh all day long. because it falls the day after Easter this year I just don’t have time to go all out for P this year. This wacky banana in his lunch will have to do. I wish I could see his reaction when he opens his lunchbox today! I also managed to stuff the toes of his shoes and boots with paper towels and put a raisin in the opening of P’s toothpaste. April Fool’s Day 2013 won’t be a total loss!

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Aaron Rodgers Day Paper Doll

Aaron Rodgers Day Lunch
Just in case you still have time to throw this in a lunchbox or can use it another way today, here’s the Aaron Rodgers paper “doll” I made for Paolo. I added a joke because nothing makes Paolo happier, other than sports, than a good joke. I made it in a rush, so it’s not perfect, but it’ll do for today.
Happy 12/12/12!

Aaron Rodgers Day Doll

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12/12/12 and Aaron Rodgers Day!

Help! Last Minute Mary, here. My brain has been so focused on all things Christmas that I nearly missed capitalizing on tomorrow’s date! I want to do something fun for my son’s lunch and/or day, but it completely slipped my mind. I’m thinking I’ll pack 12 of each food in his lunch- 12 grapes, 12 carrot slices, 12 crackers, 12 almonds, and so on. I’ll make sure to slip a home-crafted Aaron Rodgers (#12) paper doll sporting a funny speech bubble in his lunchbox as well, but I could use a little something else. What other fun ideas are you guys working on?

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