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Shortcut to Cascarones


Last year we went all out making cascarones from scratch, so to speak. We started with the instructions on Spanglish Baby (Check their post out both for a how-to and more information about what cascarones are) and adapted them to our needs and supplies on hand as we went along.  It was a long process, but they were beautiful.

This year I’ve been procrastinating. The thought of dying the eggs, letting them dry, blowing out the eggs, letting them dry, filling them, and sealing them with a layer of glitter Mod Podge was exhausting.

When I walked into Walgreens this afternoon looking for healthy-ish Easter basket fillings (ha!), I nearly squealed out loud when I saw ready-made cascarones on the shelf. Yes, for $2.99 I could take home 12 bright cascarones, ready to crack on an unsuspecting family member’s head. I scooped them up so fast, I think I may have been a blur on the security cameras. It was easily the best $2.99 I’ve spent in a long time. Now we can spend a little extra time reading, playing, or drawing together. I’d say I got a bargain.

What sanity saving short cuts do you take on holidays?

Walgreens Cascarones

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Save This Space

I know I’ve fallen off the radar, but I will post soon, I swear! Upcoming posts include manners at the supper table (with humor) and LEGOs as Beyblades. Stay tuned…

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Glow Stick RingToss

Glow Sticks

What to do with those multiplying glow sticks after they’re done glowing? I hate throwing them in the garbage and cringe when I see P has come home with more in a birthday party goody bag. I thought of one way to re-purpose them today (though I need more ideas to keep up with them as the come in the house) that also reuses a few things from the recyclable bins. It also happens to be a fun activity to keep P happy during the Super Bowl. all afternoon and into the Super Bowl. He’s been hanging on me begging me to play with him ever since I finished Glow Stick Ring Toss.

I started by cleaning up plastic containers in different sizes.

recyclables ring toss

I cut several colors of paper to size and gave each one a point value. Then  I fastened them to the bottles with tape and weighted them with rocks (decorative Dollar Tree rocks left over from another project).

Glow stick Ring Toss

An old Build-a-Bear box makes for perfect storage. You could fancy the box and bottles up as much or as little as you like. My son cares nothing for anything but point value, of course, so I stuck to the basics.

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas 2012

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We get Crafty

Jeanne commented on a recent post I did on making tissue paper snowflakes. Here’s the post she wrote about making wire and raffia star decorations. I hope you enjoy her blog, Another Stir of the Spoon, as much as I do!

Another Stir of the Spoon

Tis the season to be crafty or so I gather from my friends who all seem to be on Pinterest. I am not sure what Pinterest is because I fear it may be another one of those computer time suckers and I let the computer suck too much of my time now. So for now, I am steering clear. However, on our own both Curt and I got crafty this holiday season. It’s probably because we are cheap or maybe that we have some extra time on our hands  (those extra hours I didn’t let the computer suck up!) but for minimal money we came up with some nice decorations.

First was the wreath. We have a large wall in our dining/porch area which usually has a large photograph on it and it has been the place where our Christmas tree usually stands. The picture goes into temporary storage. I…

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When Wildlife Comes Home

Remember how I almost killed Paolo’s pet fish, Splashy? He’s still alive and well. And now he has a new buddy. Paolo and his class studied bess beetles, snails, guppies, and potato bugs for the first part of the year. Naturally, they all needed homes after the unit was done. Last night we added two of the classroom snails to our family. One of them is thriving in Splashy’s tank. Gauging from the pictures it looks like Icky and Splashy are going to be good friends.

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More Than a Coffee Can

Coffee watering can

These days we call it re-purposing, but whatever we call it, I love finding new uses for old things. As I was about to throw this coffee “can” in the recyclables a couple of weeks ago, I took a look at the handle and thought it might make the perfect watering can for Paolo’s plants. He’s really taken to being responsible for the bean sprouts he grew in class and has since adopted the rest of the plants in our living room. It isn’t Scandinavian Modern or any other type of decor, but it gets the job done. We’re both awfully pleased with his new watering can. Now we just have to keep Dad from recycling it accidentally…

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Art Graveyard



Where do markers go when they die? Ugh. It’s something I hate doing, but it has to be done. This morning I went through an entire tub of markers, colored pencils, and crayons. I sorted the dead markers from the live ones, the crayons from the colored pencils, and the pencils from chalk. I hate tossing the old markers, but I have no idea how to re-purpose them. I haven’t run across any great ideas online. What do you do when your kids’ markers are used up? 

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Field trip to Delzer’s Pumpkin Farm today. Fall is here!

Delzer’s had nearly everything we look for in a fall family outing: A good corn maze, petting zoo, hot chocolate, hayrides, face painting, friendly staff, good prices, and of course, PUMPKINS! We especially liked the stranger varieties of gourds and squash. The drive out there was even beautiful. Two thumbs up from our family!

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