Shortcut to Cascarones


Last year we went all out making cascarones from scratch, so to speak. We started with the instructions on Spanglish Baby (Check their post out both for a how-to and more information about what cascarones are) and adapted them to our needs and supplies on hand as we went along.  It was a long process, but they were beautiful.

This year I’ve been procrastinating. The thought of dying the eggs, letting them dry, blowing out the eggs, letting them dry, filling them, and sealing them with a layer of glitter Mod Podge was exhausting.

When I walked into Walgreens this afternoon looking for healthy-ish Easter basket fillings (ha!), I nearly squealed out loud when I saw ready-made cascarones on the shelf. Yes, for $2.99 I could take home 12 bright cascarones, ready to crack on an unsuspecting family member’s head. I scooped them up so fast, I think I may have been a blur on the security cameras. It was easily the best $2.99 I’ve spent in a long time. Now we can spend a little extra time reading, playing, or drawing together. I’d say I got a bargain.

What sanity saving short cuts do you take on holidays?

Walgreens Cascarones

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