Baby, it’s cold outside…what’s there to do?! (1 Day later)


What’s there to do? Why, send your mother out in the bitter cold to light some candles, of course! Paolo and I agreed that the balloons we froze on Sunday would make great winter luminaries. We’d seen someone do something similar at his friend’s Grandmother’s house. His grandparents had filled ice cream buckets with water, set them outside to freeze, and then let candles burn so that the heat eventually melted out a hollow space. It created a neat lantern effect. We thought we’d do the same thing with our balloons. We had the perfect spot for tea lights where air pockets had formed. Paolo sent me out in my winter gear with the one tea light I could find and box of matches while he peered out from the blinds (in the nice, warm living room). Funny thing about candles, they’re not wind compatible. So I crouched and hovered and struck match after match until we had a flame going. I snapped a few photos as fast as I could, got a thumbs up from Paolo, and boogied back in the house.

We’ll be picking up more tea lights and watching the weather for warmer and less windy days. Until then, we have some pretty neat yard ornaments.

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