Ways to Ground Your Helicopter- for Moms

Toy Helicopter

Capable of hover. Uh oh. During the last basketball practice I realized I have Helicopter Mom tendencies. Note I used the word tendencies. As yet, I haven’t acted on these tendencies/impulses, but I’m getting close. I have always worked hard to be a hands off mom, letting our son make mistakes, pick himself up, and learn the hard way. Recent events, however, have been pushing me into the cockpit….Of course, it’d be best to avoid the cockpit altogether, but if you’re not that “grownup” here are few ways to keep your helicopter on the ground.

1. Look AWAY. If you can’t see it’s not happening, right?
2. Make a list. Make a mental to-do list to keep yourself from interfering and on top of things.
3. Confess. Tell someone what you want to do and beg them to save you, damn it! Or, if you’re not brave enough to confess,  just start a conversation with another parent.
4. Pop a piece of gum in your mouth.
5. Take pictures. This is my favorite way to keep my helicopter grounded. It gives me purpose (documenting our son’s life) and a distraction.

I find there’s a correlation between helicopter parenting and backseat driving. It turns out these suggestions also work when you find yourself trying to brake while in the passenger seat. Here’s hoping you won’t see me hovering (or braking) any time soon!

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3 thoughts on “Ways to Ground Your Helicopter- for Moms

  1. I still want to be a helicopter mom but I’m not allowed, he’s 26.

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