Not Your Average Thank You- Ten Ways for Kids to Show Thanks

Kids' Thank You Cards
The reasons for having my son write Thank You cards are starting to build up and so is his resistance to doing them. Last year we made the cards shown in the picture. While they are more personal than a store-bought card, he still has to write out the message…and a fight ensues. So we broke out of the traditional; I asked him how he would like to express his thanks, express what he’s feeling. Here are ten alternatives we’ve come up with to make giving thanks more enjoyable:

1. Write an acrostic poem.

Paolo's Thank You to those who bought wreaths from him

Paolo’s Thank You to those who bought wreaths from him

2. Draw a picture of himself/herself using the gift or doing the activity for which he’s grateful.

3. Sing a song for the person or people. If you child can’t sing it live, record your child singing and send it as a file, CD, or DVD.

4. Have your child choose a special song and make up a dance. If he can’t perform it live, record and send it.

5. Write a micro-story. It can be something as short as the length of a Twitter or Facebook post so it’s not overwhelming.
6. Have your child write the words “Thank You” as creatively as they can, in their own style. Scan the result and print on card stock or send to a card site like Shutterfly.
7. Let your child go crazy with rubber stamps and a variety of papers, card stock, saved wrapping paper, fun tissue paper, pieces of old cards, etc.
A Variety of Papers
8. Let your child loose on foam stamps and paint on brown craft paper.
Paint Thank You
9. Open up your fabric and felt stash- throw in a glue gun (with help) and scissors. I guarantee your child will come up with something unique.
10. Bake something together, something your child thinks the receiving person would appreciate. Wrap it and deliver it in person.
Let me know if you try one or more of these ways for your kids to show thanks. Paolo and I would love to know what works for YOU!
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