Party Pokeballs- Pokemon Goody bags

This year our son got to pick three friends to take to the local inflatable-fun place for his birthday. He didn’t have a “real” party, but I thought I could still make the favors super fun. He and his friends have been all about Pokemon cards this year so that’s my inspiration.

Pokemon Goody Ball Bags
I found these great balls at Party City for $.99 apiece. I filled them with home-made felt neck pouches to carry Pokemon cards, Pokemon cards, a Pokemon card of each of the children (, Pokemon sweat bands, Raichu Energy Pellets (Lemonheads and Cherry Lemonheads), beads and string to make a bracelet, and a few odds and ends. I designed my own bag toppers using Powerpoint and stapled them on.

Pokeball with favors

I added a sticker to the top to identify each child’s ball.

Pokeball Party Favor

I’m pretty pleased with the completed Party Pokeball!

Checkout the updated post on the new Life as a Field Trip website: ‎

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3 thoughts on “Party Pokeballs- Pokemon Goody bags

  1. kami


  2. MAMom

    You are incredible and so creative! I am making these favors for my son’s 6th birthday party!

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