Tissue Paper Snowflakes

Paolo’s most recent Operation Cheer Mission from his Elf on the Shelf was to make paper snowflake decorations for the neighbors. My son loves making paper snowflakes, but snow flakes made of copier paper or construction paper are frustrating with children’s scissors and I can’t stand all the tiny pieces of paper all over. It was time for a change.

I’ve seen the coffee-filter snowflake idea going around Pinterest, but we because we use a reuseable coffee filter, we don’t have any coffee filters on hand. We do always have some tissue paper ready for filling gift bags though. Surely I’m not the first to discover this, but tissue paper is perfect for making snow flakes. They are so easy to fold and cut, I can’t believe I didn’t think of it sooner. And the best part? I can vacuum up those annoying little cut out pieces when we’re done.

Have you simplified any traditional Christmas crafts? How did you do it?

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3 thoughts on “Tissue Paper Snowflakes

  1. I see Paolo is having the same problem I always did, my snowflakes came out square. But yes, tissue paper is the secret to easier cutting. I made stars this year out of wire.Put 5 nails in a board and then wrap wire around them like you would draw a star. I wrapped some raffia around my finished stars and hung them in a tree outdoors.

    • He won’t let me show him how to make them round. Paolo is delighted with each and every one of his snowflakes, square or not! I may have to try your star project. They sound perfect.

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