How to Surprise Your Mom on Her Birthday

I saw an idea on Pinterest to surprise your kids on their birthdays with a balloon avalanche. I wanted to do something like that for my mom’s birthday, but that was unrealistic. I decided to fill her car with balloons.

Here’s how you can do it:

1. Buy several packages of balloons and a balloon pump. We found our supplies at the DollarTree.

2. Start inflating the balloons a few days in advance. It took more time than I thought it would.

3. Coral the balloons in giant trash bags for eas(ier) transport.

4. Arrange for someone to distract your mom (and loud, barky dogs, if necessary) while you fill the car with balloons.

5. Quietly unload the bags of balloons from your car without slamming the car doors.

6. Carefully put the balloons in the car. Allow time to chase the runaway balloons.

7. Shut the door quietly. Don’t let any balloons get away!

8. Giggle maniacally as you zip out of there before anyone notices.

It was an adventure and fun from the start. You should have seen our house filling up with balloons and then me scrambling to fill my husband’s larger car with the giant bags of balloons while still dressed in my Halloween witch costume. My dad called me when he had their dog safely out of the house on a walk. It got even crazier when we arrived at my parents’ house, got out of the car and hear shouts from the neighbor’s yard, “Paolo! Paolo’s here!” over and over and Paolo answering, shouting, “I can’t play! I’m here to surprise my Grandma!” Very subtle. I scrambled to get the balloons out of the bags and into her car, using the “borrowed” car key, before she heard any of the chaos that was going on in her driveway. The motion sensor light on the garage lit the scene like a stage, the balloons kept jumping out of the car, and I struggled to keep Paolo quiet while he negotiated with me to play with his friends instead of help with the balloons. By some miracle, my mother didn’t hear a peep or notice the lights.

Instead of discovering her surprise in the morning, she found the balloons that night when she went to her car to get a book. The poor lady had to chase balloons in the dark in her PJs. The next day, my mother and I laughed and laughed reliving the fiasco. She had an unforgettable birthday. In fact, neither one of us will forget this birthday and she’s still driving around with a bunch of balloons in her car.

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4 thoughts on “How to Surprise Your Mom on Her Birthday

  1. Chela

    Awesome! My mom and I did the same thing to my dad years ago for his 40th. We put black balloons in his car, black streamered his office and put black jelly beans all over this computer key board.

  2. Kat Miller

    I’ve been savoring the balloons in the car and also the wonderful thought that went into the B-day greeting…but it hasn’t been easy! I kept forgetting they were still in the car and would have to shove them into the back (hatchback) to make room for whatever I was planning to haul in the car.

    Last night, without planning, I went to the grocery store. Upon returning to the car with an overloaded grocery cart, I saw the balloons, groaned, and wondered how I was ever going to make space to get the groceries home. As I carefully opened the the hatchback, balloons began to roll out of the car. There were balloons floating along all over the parking lot. Sooooo…as soon as I arrived home I made MULTIPLE trips in the dark (and rain), hauling balloons from the car to the house, hurriedly tossing them through the front door into the living room. Now I sweep the balloons aside to do anything in the living room. They’re slowly making there way into other rooms…and making our dog a nervous wreck!
    I just smile.

    What a glorious life! I do love it!

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