The Great Halloween Egg Experiment

Paolo and I thought it would be fun to try the Monster Eye Ball experiment we found on the Kitchen Pantry Scientist’s Facebook page last week. We began the egg-speriment Friday night and wrapped it up this morning. Not one single thing turned out like it did in the website for the experiment, but we had a great several days watching (and feeling) the egg change. We give it two thumbs up!

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3 thoughts on “The Great Halloween Egg Experiment

  1. Karla Giraldéz

    What was supposed to happen? What did happen? curious…. 😉

    • For starters, the first stage, submersing it in vinegar overnight took us two nights and the silly egg kept floating to the top so part of the shell wasn’t soaking in the vinegar. And it didn’t look very creepy. For the second stage, the egg kept floating to the top of the corn syrup so it wasn’t totally submerged and the green coloring never mixed well with the corn syrup. Again, didn’t look very creepy. But, I can not overstate that it was still a SUCCESS! We had fun, made observations, learned a few things, and were introduced to a great new website. For ore information about how we thought it would go, check out The Kitchen Pantry Scientist:

  2. That’s funny, we just did this experiment and it worked out perfectly. I wonder if you did it again if you would get a better result? You have a great attitude, that even though it didn’t work out how it was “supposed” to, it was still a success 🙂

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