When Crafting Goes Bad

Exhibit #1- Not so Pinter-ific

Crafting isn’t always fun. What? Who just said that? Did I just say that? Yep. Sometimes I get wrapped up planning epic crafting sessions for Paolo and I and then they completely fall apart.

Scenario One: I come home from work with a bag full of new craft supplies and super ideas all lined up…and Paolo nonchalantly tells me he’d rather work on beating his Skylander video game. I sigh in defeat and turn to making supper instead. The craft supplies, sadly, end up in the closet.

Scenario Two: Paolo and I plan to make something fantabulous. We get everything out and start crafting. Paolo quickly loses interest and abandons me. I spend the rest of the night fighting with Paolo to clean up the mess we made with the craft supplies.

Exhibit #2- Child loses interest before I can say “Jiminy Cricket”

Scenario Three: I carefully prepare supplies for a Pinter-ific (yes, I just made up that fantastic word) craft afternoon and the pins we used for inspiration are too hard or disappointing. This year’s letdown? Acorn pumpkins and toilet paper tube glow-stick eyes.

Scenario Four: I carefully plan for a specific amazing craft, with meticulously prepared supplies. Paolo takes one look at them and starts whipping them into something completely different. This one is hard, only because it requires an ENORMOUS feat of self-restraint. I can barely resist making him do the craft we started out to do, the craft I prepared so carefully for and/or making him do the craft my way. Thankfully, my more realistic, humane side dominates and we end up having a good time imagining and creating all sorts of fun stuff.

Paolo’s Day of the Dead, turned Halloween table

This fall’s craft disappointment and self-restraint challenge was my carefully prepared Day of the Dead craft. Months ago I bought little wooden tables for pennies, with this craft in mind. I was able to find Fimo clay for literally one cent. I scooped up gorgeous paint colors. The tissue and scissors were ready to go. All the stars were aligned. We started to paint our altars (the little wood tables) and not five minutes later Paolo had changed gears and was making an all black Halloween table. I was not deterred. He happily slapped layer after layer of paint on his table top and made a bat, cauldron, and witch’s hat. I took lots of deep breaths and carefully decorated my own Day of the Dead altar. I painstakingly made flowers from tissue paper and altar offerings from Fimo. I worked on it for the next several days when I could squeeze it in. The point is, I was able to let go of my fantasy crafting session and we both enjoyed our different projects in different ways.

The end-product of my fantasy craft session

When crafting goes bad, I’ve learned to lower my expectations and let it go. I still have to kick myself into letting it go, but I can get there.

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