Playing Games

It’s all kind of a game, or maybe a dance, trying to get my son interested in and motivated to do things in Spanish. During my recent trip to Mexico, I took a chance and bought a board game called Turista Mexicano or Mexican Tourist. I was stunned when he wanted to play it immediately. I was floored when he didn’t want to go to bed, wanted to keep playing just “one more round.”  The game is modeled after Monopoly. As I look at the game more closely, I guess I should have seen the appeal it would have. Players travel around the board/Mexico buying up states and building restaurants on them. Each player’s piece is an airplane. There’s play money, and lots of it. Money, planes, and wiping out your mother’s bank account, just about perfect for Paolo.

I’m always trying to find ways to weave Spanish learning opportunities into his life. While playing this game, he’s learning the Mexican state names, counting , adding and subtracting in Spanish, voluntarily speaking in Spanish, and not getting frustrated when I speak Spanish to him (nothing short of a miracle). Now I only wish I could have fit more versions of the game in my suitcase…

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One thought on “Playing Games

  1. Janice

    What a great way to incorporate Spanish!

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