Welcome to the (crafty) dark side, son.

It’s been a week of crafty firsts for our family. File this under “Stuff that makes me giddy”. It absolutely tickled me when Paolo showed interest in learning how to make lanyards on Monday. I adored making them at summer camp as a kid. The camp director, had I been caught out, could have been charged with exploiting me for child labor. I churned those suckers out. Paolo’s been making them with my help all week, even bringing them to his summer program and getting the older kids to help him.

Last night Paolo crawled onto my lap while I was scrolling through Pinterest. As a result, today I will start a  board of his own so he can pin things to his heart’s delight. He was mesmerized, “Can we do that? How about that? Click on that!”

I’m rubbing my hands together in anticipation; what crafty wonderfulness should I introduce to him next? I’m taking suggestions! What crafts did you love to make when you were a kid?

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to the (crafty) dark side, son.

  1. Kat Miller

    This will show my age…but what the hell! As Girl Scout I learned to make sit-upon’s. We cut 2 square pieces of oil cloth about 18″ on a side. Then we whip stitched them together on 3 sides, filled them with layers of folded newspaper, and then stitched the remaining side.

    Once I finished the sit-upon, I took great delight in using it at the various places we played in the neighborhood. I cherished it. Looking back, I think it must have served to establish a sense of place for me, wherever I went with it.

  2. Jeanne Heuer

    Omg. Lanyards! You are such a nerd. 🙂 I never went to camp but someone showed me their wallet made with duct tape.

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