Work in Progress

I didn’t have a plan in place when I started blogging. I mostly started posting to keep our families and friends connected across the continent. I wanted an opportunity to write creatively and I wanted to document our life in some way. I don’t push myself to write a blog post every day or even every week, but when I do, I enjoy it. While I was connecting, writing and documenting I picked up a small audience.

I recently signed up for two online classes taught by Kathy Cano-Murillo, also known as The Crafty Chica. I recently completed the short, but jam-packed Get Motivated! 23 Ways to Turn Your Ideas into Action! class. From day one my creativity started flowing (and flowing and flowing). I’ve been motivated to do more and I’ve been loving it. I started thinking differently about my blog. I started to think maybe my small following could grow. I’m still not sure.

I’m about to begin my second Crafty Chica class, How to Shine Online: Tips to Make Your Blog Sparkle. When I signed up in July, I intended to apply what I learned in this class to my online presence at work, but with each new Get Motivated class I continued to think I wanted to do more with my own blog. I’m still not sure what, but class starts Wednesday. I’m guessing you’ll start seeing more posts and changes soon 😉 Stay tuned!

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2 thoughts on “Work in Progress

  1. I’m excited to hear you will be writing more posts. I have enjoyed everything you’ve written but there have been too few! Write on!

  2. Good for you, T. Looking forward to reading more!

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