Get on the Bike!

We’ve been the proud owners of a dusty exercise bike for at least two years now. It’s served us well as a coat/drying rack, but its time has come. Well, my time has come. Summer is looming and I need o get back on the bike again. The only way I could see to guarantee that I’d actually start using it, and continue using it, is to get Paolo involved.  His mission, and he has accepted it, is to ‘motivate’ me to ride it every day. Every day that he gets me on that thing I will pay him a quarter. Being the mini-Donald Trump that he is, this deal is irresistible. Day one went well. He actually pushed me off the couch and insisted I ride the bike.

Now I guess I’ll have to clean out the coat closet, dammit.

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4 thoughts on “Get on the Bike!

  1. Jean H

    those bikes do make nice clothes racks – although not house beautiful. Think maybe I should pay myself for riding.

  2. Good for Paolo. I’ll pay him 50 cents for everyday he gets me to go to the gym. And I already pay them a membership.

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