Seven Days of Packers

Tuesday's Packer Shirt

Born and raised in Green Bay, I’m a rarity. I was slow to become a Packers fan. In fact, it took 34 years for me to come around. I remember well the grumbling, but hardcore fans during the 80s. I have great memories of  the 1997 Superbowl. Over the years I sat companionably with my parents on Sundays and watch NFL commercials, but I never caught the fever.

Monday's Packer Shirt

 It recently occurred to me that I now have enough Packers shirts to wear one every day of the week. It’s rare that I’d need a Packers shirt for every day of the week, but here we are one week before the Superbowl. Now I live with two super fans, I work with THE super fan and the Pack is headed to the Superbowl.The planets have aligned. The impossible, the unthinkable, has happened.

Sunday's Packer Shirt

I am a fan.

Wednesday's Packer Shirt

Thursday's Packer Shirt

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3 thoughts on “Seven Days of Packers

  1. Some really great shirts!!! Loved this. Now here’s a little something for you.


  2. I am a bear fan but not a ‘super’ bear fan. Not sure if any of us have Bears paraphenalia. Congrats!

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