Things to do while you’re home with a sick five year old

1. Look for missing library book (unsuccessfully).

2. Wash soiled sheets and blankets.

3. Take down Christmas decorations.

4. Take out garbage.

5. Write Christmas thank you cards.


    Or…Things you might actually want to do:

1. Play Green Alligators, tangrams, Ugly Doll, Grandma’s Treasure or Story Cubes.

2. Get out all of those puzzles gathering dust. We’ve done three today so far.

3. Sit back and ‘read’ a book together with Tumblebooks, digital picture books. Our favorite book is Ace Lacewing, Big Detective. Tumblebooks is available to us through our local library. Check with yours.

4. Read a favorite Sick Day book. Our favorites include, Farm Flu, I Spy Treasure Hunt, Full Moon Soup, Joke Sticker-Mania with Dot-to-dots, Sneezy the Snowman and Where’s Waldo?

5. Build a nest or a fort. Collect all the stuffed animals, blankets and pillows you can find and snuggle in.

6. If I run out of my own ideas, I always refer to my handy dandy book, Preschooler’s Busy Book.


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4 thoughts on “Things to do while you’re home with a sick five year old

  1. I just happen to have my six year old home sick with me today. All she wants to do though is sleep. Your day sounds much more excited and full. A post about sitting around watching your baby be sick and sleep doesn’t sound as exciting. Guess I’ll have to come up with something else to post about tonight.
    Hope that Paolo is feeling better soon.

  2. tkfewless

    It takes a lot to stop Paolo. He just throws up and keeps going. I HAVE to be prepared to keep him entertained with non-strenuos activities! I hope your little girl is feeling better soon, too.

  3. Very thankful I bought the Mario limited edition Wii or we would not have survived Christmas break with all the sickness. Didn’t get my tree down, though so you’re one step ahead of me!

    But I did get #2 taken care of–laundry, and more laundry, and more laundry. Oh, did I mention that I did laundry while the kids were sick. 🙂

    We did also play the electronic banking version of Monopoly (mommy was banker). It was so nice to not have to worry about all the paper money getting mixed up and thrown around!

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