Attention Snow Scrooges!

Spring in Wisconsin

It’s no surprise to most of you when I say I love the snow. I love living in Wisconsin. I love driving in snow (most of the time). I love the wind, the energy, the challenge, the helping-your-neighbor of it all. I groan inwardly every time someone starts complaining about the cold, the snow, the ice. I don’t get how they don’t get  the magic of it all. This is a land and season where tall tales are born.

This year I have the pleasure of planning a Christmas visit for two people who have never been in cold temperatures, seen or felt snow, ice skated or sledded. It’s my suggestion that you Snow Scrooges take a moment and pretend you are planning such a visit. You might just get a glimmer of the magic I see every day.

Can you imagine how cool it would be to see giant snow plows going about their business clearing snow? How strange it would seem to see them leaving a trail of salt behind them? To sit in Lambeau Field freezing your buns off with 60,000 other locos cheering on the Pack? Walking through the snow and lights at the Botanical Gardens? Sledding at Josten and Webster parks, whooshing down the hill on a snow tube? Coming inside to drink hot chocolate with marshmallows when you’re  truly cold? Seeing your breath for the first time? Snow sparkling in the sunlight? Throwing snowballs? horse-drawn sleigh rides? Gorgeous scarves and chic winter boots? All of these things are part of the charm of a Wisconsin Christmas.

Imagine being able to give someone this gift. To see the city, the state  through a child’s eyes as an adult. I may be the winter Pollyanna, and I know many of you will still leave Scroogey comments, but surely you can see a glimpse of the magic now?

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2 thoughts on “Attention Snow Scrooges!

  1. Chela

    I am totally with you on this. I think winter is beautiful and fun. Of course, I acknowledge it’s easy for me to say this from 80 degree every day Caracas.

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