Not that I’d recommend it, but….How to Host a Scooby Doo Party

We just survived hosting our son’s fifth birthday party. Whew. There’s tissue paper, discarded gift bags, new toy boxes, leftover goodies and cupcakes everywhere. If it hadn’t been for my mom and good friend, Angela, it wouldn’t have been such a success. Our son is still disappointed that it didn’t last longer.

If you’d like to host your own Scooby Doo party here’s how it went down:

1. Welcome kids as they arrive by getting them their Mystery Inc ID badge and hand stamp.

2. Once everyone is in the party room, My dad and husband take down pinata and hide it.

3. Kids and I go out to do the piñata but find that someone has stolen the piñata and left a clue in a balloon.

4. Our son gets to pop the first clue balloon. Read the clue and move back into party room.

5. Mummy Wrap game- Using toilet paper or white crêpe paper wrap each other up to look like mummies.

6. Pop next balloon clue.

7. Monster Mash game- Basically, this is musical chairs using pictures of Scooby Villains instead  of chairs.

8. Pop next balloon clue.

9. Shaggy, Shaggy Scooby game (Duck, Duck Goose)

10. Pop next balloon clue

11.  Adult helper leaves to dress and hide in elevator with the piñata.

12.Scooby Says game (Simon Says)

13.Pop last balloon clue.

14. We rush to the elevator to find helper/villain wearing a costume and clutching the piñata. Paolo rips her mask off and says ‘My friend’s mom stole the piñata!’ And she says, ‘I was on my way to Mexico. I would have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for you meddling kids!

15. Pinata time- every one takes turns.

16. Decorate cupcakes- Set out small cups of frosting, sprinkles, etc.

17. Open gifts

18. Scooby freeze dance and balloon toss until parents pick up kids (we ran out of time for this).

That was the agenda. Here’s what I’d change.

  • I’d keep it smaller. 18 kids is something else.
  • The kids didn’t care about the Scooby/spooky decorations. I loved them, but I’d skip them (and the effort) next time.
  • I’d also have someone setting up the cupcake decorating supplies and drinks beforehand.

Here’s what I loved.

  • The games. They were relatively simple and the kids still loved them!
  • The costumes.
  • The ID Badges
  • I loved pouring so much creativity into the party and working with our son on it.
  • I also loved having the party outside the house. We rented a room at the local library.

All said and done, the best part for me was how excited the kids were to give  their gifts to Paolo and their birthday cards.

Now I have to get back to assembling 18 gifts…

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