Gonna Put a Hex on You!

Paolo is obsessed with two things these days: wanting baby brothers and sisters and all things Scooby Doo.This morning he’s worked out how to join these two things together. He woke up talking about the Hex Girls. Luna, Dusk and Thorn appear in various Scooby Doo movies as a rock band and now they appear in his dreams. He told me very seriously that he dreamt the Hex Girls lived at our house. I heard all the details about where they slept and what they did. Then Paolo asked if he could have baby sisters and could we name them Luna, Dusk and Thorn. He chattered and chattered away about his new baby sisters, the Hex Girls. As he thought (dreamt) out loud, the possibilities grew. Couldn’t we grow baby brothers, too and name them Fred and Shaggy…oh and have a dog named Scooby? He’s now sitting on the floor carefully drawing the Hex Girls and ‘the gang’ and I’m smiling, thinking about having 6 children and a dog, almost all of them named after cartoon characters.

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2 thoughts on “Gonna Put a Hex on You!

  1. Karla Giraldéz

    So when are you gonna start working on that???

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