It started with Flonase, then we added Allegra. Eventually I worked up to allergy testing and then allergy shots and now here I sit with a new and improved septum. It was a nail-biting process. It began with a nasal scope that left me on the Aurora bathroom floor (followed by a ride on a gurney and a wheelchair). I managed not to pass out during the pre-op visit as Doc explained the septoplasty process to me one last time. And then…I was in the hospital and ready for surgery. I did well, so well. I slipped out of ALL of my clothes and donned the hospital gown and footies with grace (I think). I chatted amiably with the nurses, pain people, and doctor. Pedro and I laughed over funny little details until they wheeled me away, stomach growling. I stayed in recovery for a few hours and then I was discharged with a really bloody, crusty nose and growling stomach.

I spent some agonizingly boring days  alone while I recuperated. Yes, I grumbled about being stuck at home, not being able to bend or lift, but it wasn’t awful. I made it through it all until…I looked up the procedure on removing nasal stints on YouTube: Oh My God. I really almost passed out on my couch. There was no way that I was allowing anyone to do that to me! I did allow the doctor to perform the procedure (really what other choice did I have?), but it wasn’t fun and I nearly passed out.

Just three days after have the stints out, Paolo crashed into my nose with his head and bled off and on for a few days.I had horrific visions of needing a second surgery to correct damage done, but a quick visit to the Doc reassured me that Paolo hadn’t done any serious damage.

Now it’s a month and a half since I had the surgery and my nose is still healing. I can really breath much better and I’m a pro at keeping my nose moist with saline spray. Now if the progression continues this well the allergy shots will start kicking in and life will be even better!

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3 thoughts on “Progression

  1. Chela

    Oh my god, I had no idea that you were having surgery! I’m glad that so far it’s turned out well. I’m sure it’ll be such a huge relief if your allergies are able to improve as a result of all this. Brave girl!

  2. Jeanne Heuer

    Gee I complained that you hadn’t blogged in awhile and then this tale of horror and woe. But the story seems to have a happy ending not like some of the movies I’ve seen lately.

  3. Really Brave Girl…Hope everthing is fine now…

    Good luck…


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