Billy Goat

Paolo the Billy Goat

For those of you who are interested, here’s a glimpse into what living with a nearly Four-Year Old is like….

Most days are non-stop. I recently read that a child like Paolo needs hours of exercise each day. That gives you some idea of what each day is like at our house.  Paolo can take anything that most people would consider a quiet activity and make it an active activity. Like not just reading the Billy Goats Gruff but re-enacting it 9 times in a row action movie style. I’m always the troll and I always get full-on tackled.

Meals continue to be a struggle. I have limited success doing things like making the meal a race (perhaps not safe but sometimes successful) or taking REALLY big bites (again not safe, but I did take first aid so…), but mostly we have a food standoff at supper and I feel like the sherriff in an old western facing off against Big Bad Bart and let me tell you Big Bad Bart is stubborn. He may not have a gun, but he is a force to be reckoned with.

“Shooting guns” are a constant source of fascination for Paolo which means he wants every toy that comes with one. Every time I tell him that’s for bigger kids he sighs and says something like “Maybe I can get that when I’m 16 (or 8 0r 10)”. However, any time a “shooting gun movie” commmerical or actual movie is on he shouts “Change the channel! That’s a bad movie! That’s not for me! Change the channel!”

Paolo had his flu shot this week. He strolled into the Doctor’s office and announced to the nurse, matter of factly, “I have to get my flu shot, then I’m going to Ethan’s house”. This was the first time he took the shot in the arm. We counted to 10 in Spanish while the nurse delivered the shot and though his eyes watered he didn’t cry. When she was done he said, “Do you have a sucker?” And that was it. he’s growing up so fast. Next year it’ll be a tattoo.

 And finally, here are a few of my favorite Paolo quotes this month:

“Mom, what’s a ‘floozy’? (from What’s Up, Scooby Doo?”)

“Mom, what’s ‘Lovey Dovey’? (from What’s Up, Scooby Doo?”)

Pedro: “Do you want to talk to Mom on the phone?

Paolo: “Hi Mommy, I don’t want to talk to you. No thank you.”

“Huw is my best buddy…Huw won’t play with, me Mommy.”

“I’m so frus-ter-ated Mommy…what does frus-ter-ated mean?”

“Why does the Earth move around the Sun?”

“I’m hiccin’ up”

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2 thoughts on “M’ijo

  1. Chela

    I loved this post, particularly the quotes – it gave me a very good idea of what it’s like being Paolo’s mommy. And what’s up with Scooby Doo and the racy terminology???

    Hope you’re doing well! Miss you.

    • tkfewless

      Thank you! Miss you, too. One month to go!

      It’s the NEW Scooby, not Classic. I should have known when Fred said, “My bad!” it wasn’t going to work out.

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