Neverending Battle

As the H1N1 season is upon us, I find myself tending to my dry, cracked hands more and more often. I have invested in Inspector Hector Dirt Detector hand soap, posted catchy hand washing songs next to the bathroom sink and enforce handwashing rules like a nun. We wash our hands so often I swear Allouez is going to come knocking on our door and tell us to knock it off, that the rest of the village needs water, too. Is anyone else as paranoid as we are? It’s not just H1N1 that has me worried, it’s all germs, all illnesses. Working in public service I see the poor health habits of the general populace. Yes, I hear whether or not the sink is used after the toilet flushes. Yes, I see you sneeze/cough all over your hands and then use my pen. Yes, I see you pick your nose and then open the door. I see more than I care to see and I touch more than I care to touch. I wonder if all this handwashing will help. It’s my Neverending Battle. It might be futile, but I have to fight!

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