Holy cats! When did preschool get so cool? Here’s what I remember about my preschool/daycare experiences at three years: play-doh, snack time, blocks and naps on a puffy plastic mat. Here’s what my son did yesterday: Science experiments. Seriously. The activities this week are centered around weather. Yesterday they did wind experiments using their own ‘wind’, a fan and a leaf bower (adult operated) to see how it affected the cardboard block towers they stacked up. They also do the things I remember doing in preschool, but i’m pretty sure we didn’t do any science experiments until I was in grade school and even then it was probably 3rd grade. At three I think I was still taste-testing glue, paste and finger paint.

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One thought on “Preschool

  1. perryhallartcenter

    Lol. Don’t negate what you learned by taste testing glue….

    I just started blogging about open ended art at
    My theme for April is 30 days of easel activities. Please stop by and leave a comment. I love to share ideas.

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