Best of Both Worlds

This Labor Day weekend has been a special one for me. My brother and his wife are visiting from Colorado. It’s been fun walking down Memory Lane and creating new memories. Two of my favorite new memories this visit:

1) Friday night Kim and Yarrow provided home grown poblano and jalapeno peppers for Chiles Rellenos. Pedro consulted with his father (in the restaurant biz) in Mexico to be sure he made them correctly (Though we did end up having some trouble converting 200 grams of flour into cups). He and I made them together, But he did most of the work. He worried over each step, making sure his babies turned out okay. And they did, they were delicious (with raisins and olives!) and beautiful. His Chiles Rellenos connected his family in Mexico with my family here. Everyone was involved: Yar & Kim provided the peppers, Pedro’s dad advised over the phone, Pedro & I cooked, and we all savored the end result together.

2) Sunday, Pedro (the original City Mouse) ventured up north for the first time in our 8 years together to join us for the day. Pedro, Paolo and I walked up to the train tracks and threw rocks in the sunshine before lunch and Paolo showed his dad all of his favorite things up here. Then my dad and Pedro grilled Kim & Yar’s homegrown corn on the cob as well as some good old fashioned Wisconsin Brats. My mom and Kim put together baked beans, fried potatoes, cukes and carrots. We all sat together at the picnic table in the shade and enjoyed the good food, company and conversation…and then things went downhill. The window fell out of the door, wasps got inside the breezeway, stinging Paolo’s finger, and my mom and brother went after the wasps with a plastic baseball bat & broom (respectively), which was pretty humorous.

All is well now. Paolo’s finger was healed with some mud and a hug or three and the window is safely back in place. I hope Paolo can remember this weekend as I will. I hope there’s a place for it in his Memory Lane.

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2 thoughts on “Best of Both Worlds

  1. Chela

    Great post – it made me want to be there!!!

  2. Terra

    I want you to be here too!

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