Allergy Shots

I’m sitting in the waiting room post-injections for the requisite 30 minutes (to see how I react. I’m crossing my fingers for no reaction). I met with the nurse first. She answered my questions and then had me blow into a Peak Flow Meter. I have never done this before and felt a bit of a weakling when I couldn’t achieve the ‘norm’ for my height, sex and age. Now I know I’m a bookworm and have never been know for my physical strength, but you would think with all the pranayama and constant talking I do I would have shot the top off the meter! Next I met with Dr. V who issued a prescription for an Epipen. I can’t even contemplate using it yet…I’ve never had to carry a life saving device before (other than the fact that I am myself a life saving device since I took Brown County CPR training) and I’m not sure I could actually jab myself with a needle. The nurse came in after Dr. V finished explaining everything, having mentioned at least 5 times that I had really bad allergies, implying that there was a chance I’d have a reaction. The nurse gave me a quick injection in the back of each arm and set a timer for 30 minutes. The injection sites sting a little but that’s about it. So here I sit.

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One thought on “Allergy Shots

  1. Chela

    So, in the end, did you have a reaction?

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