Deviled Eggs

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I’m not sure why they are called Deviled Eggs, but I sure do love them. Everytime I tell someone how much I love them they always tell me how easy they are to make. So I thought I’d make them for a picnic today. Not only did I think I could make ‘easy’ deviled eggs, but I thought I could do using a recipe in Spanish for the ‘fiesta’ version with avocado, jalapenos and cilantro. Ahem. So the recipe was easy enough to understand, but my avocado was like a rock and my hard boiled eggs wouldn’t submit to being peeled. I managed to take the shells off the eggs, but they didn’t look like Martha Stewart egss, that’s for sure. Then I made an emergency run to the grocery store with Paolo, in our pajamas, for fresh avocadoes to save the recipe because it was far too late to start something new at this point and I’d be damned if I was going to bring something packaged AGAIN! I raced home finished the recipe, stared at the plate of lopsided and pockmarked deviled eggs and shrugged. If I didn’t look too closely and squinted my eyes they looked pretty okay. It turns out they were delicious and everyone raved about them at the picnic. You know what I told everyone? ‘They’re so easy to make!’

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One thought on “Deviled Eggs

  1. Chela

    Love this post, despite the fact that I don't eat eggs!

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