Flip Flops & Throwing Rocks

It’s the thing I like most about summer- wearing flip flops. Not fancy flip flops, but good old single color, rubber flip flops. It’s the next best thing to bare feet. Bare feet always bring me back to childhood summers filled with mud pies, sand castles and swimming until our lips were blue and our teeth were chattering. Summers these days are mostly filled with the mundane- going to work, making supper and cleaning the house. But occaisionally I get to escape up north with my family and my flip flops and recapture that carefree summer feeling. Eating a picnic supper in the orchard, listening to the door slam as my son runs in and out getting his baseball bat or his frisbee, and walks to the train tracks to throw rocks make it feel like summer. And of course, I do it all in my flip flops.

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One thought on “Flip Flops & Throwing Rocks

  1. Chela

    Nice post – you took me there, to summer. Although I do have to give it up for my Reef flip flops that I've had since Peace Corps. They're not the one-color flip flops you love. They were a bit expensive at first, but they've molded to my feet and I hope they never wear out.

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