My 48th birthday

Well, I had vowed to remain 29 and fabulous forever (FYI: this is my 4th year of being 29), but the cat’s is out of the bag. Paolo announced to his daycare teachers without hesitation that I was turning 48 yesterday. I didn’t even know he could count that high. Of course, he’s also announced that I’m pregnant and he’s going to be a big sister, so I’m sure his teachers have learned to take his announcements with a grain of salt.

It was a great birthday filled with beautiful tulips, frosting-heavy cake, balloons, cards, songs and greetings from friends (man, I love Facebook). I even managed a quick solo trip to Chicago to see friends for the weekend. It was the small things that made my 48th birthday special: Paolo hugs, everyone being in a good mood, sunshine on a cool day and some stolen moments with friends and family. It’s unusual in my world for work and personal lives to line up in a positive way. Sometimes they’re both downers and many times one is tranquil while the other is nebulous, but yesterday was a rare day. A smooth day in all my worlds. I’ll try to hang on to this feeling as long as I can!

And by the way, Paolo believes his Papa is turning 4. How’s that for unfair?!

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