March is so fickle. You’d think we’d have learned by now that yes, we are closer to Spring when March rolls around, but NO it’s not Spring yet. We usually have a couple blizzards mixed with some crazy warm days. March is a month with a personality disorder. Every year I tell myself not to be fooled, that the idea of warmth that comes with March is false, not to be fooled by it, but I always am. Even those octogenarians who have spent their entire lives here in chilly Wisconsin, pop in the library rubbing their hands together in anticipation of the warm weather that March will certainly bring (and then drag themselves in through the next snowstorm grumbling). I wonder why April Fools Day is in April when we are all certainly fooled in March.

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One thought on “Marzo

  1. Chela

    My pet peeve about March is that there is not a single holiday during the month. There’s a holiday every month since August so the lack of a holiday seems more acute. We moved to a Latin American country with one of the purposes being to get US and VZ holidays, but March is the only month without a holiday, which is shocking considering the amount of religious and Simon Bolivar holidays here.

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