Santa didn’t bring me what I wanted this year. Damn.

Everyone is sick. Again. It’s amazing that humans can endure so much sleep deprivation. I know people have it much worse than we do, but still, we keep wondering, when will things get easier? Until they do get easier, I’m trying to stay happy by doing the things that bring me the most joy. At the top of that list is of course, playing with Paolo who is growing into a amazing boy. He’s so amazingly preceptive about what’s going on around him. If only adults could be that curious and perceptive! I’m also enjoying Facebook, People magazine, cozy mysteries, Battlestar Gallactica, visiting with my parents and sweet notes from my hubby. These are the things keeping me sane these days. Small, but important things. I love winter and am thoroughly enjoying today’s little snow storm, but I am also looking forward to Spring and the feeling of rebirth and new beginnings that comes with it. Not much of a posting today? Stay tuned for new beginnings!
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