Back in the Game

I swear. I am going to start blogging again. I am. Here’s the problem. I’m struggling, really struggling, with creating non-Paolo posts. I vowed to myself that this wouldn’t be a Mommy blog. There are enough of those out there and honestly, who wants to know that much about someone else’s kid (other than the kid’s parents and grandparents)? Paolo is the center of my life these days so obviously I will post once in a while about life with Paolo. But today, let’s blog about Washington D.C. I flew to DC in January for a surprise party. I have never been interested in going to DC. I was only going to see my friends…but then I arrived. I stepped out of the airport, into a taxi and was embraced by DC. I had the good fortune to be staying with a good traveller/sight seer (Jolene) and we both had the help of Albert, DC’s biggest fan. It was amazing to be there during the inauguration preparations. It was amazing to climb the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. It was more than amazing to walk the floors of the Library of Congress. But what was the most amazing was the new, brand new, connection I felt to the country and to our country’s past. I hope to return one day and renew that connection, though I am still feeling it and I hope I do for years to come.
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