I’m starting to enjoy playing around with this thing! I still have no idea what I’m doing, but it’s entertaining trying all the different layouts, settings, colors, etc. I guess I should start writing about something though. As usual Paolo and Pedro are who fill my life and my thoughts these days. We spent last night playing ‘Churro Factory’ with Paolo’s new Play-Doh set. I’d put the ball of Play-Doh in the machine, adjust the settings and press out the ‘churro.’ Paolo giggled non-stop during each of the 157 times that I ‘manufactured’ a churro and then cut them into pieces and brought them to Pedro for inspection. The charm never wore off for Paolo and I finally had to cut him off in order to head for bed. He’s not one to be dissauded, however. At 6:26 a.m. this morning he was at my bedside holding his ‘churro factory’ and telling me to wake up.

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One thought on “Churros

  1. Anti.

    hi! i have two too. I don’t know that they’re that interesting… but feel free to check them out 🙂 and .. Oh, and this is Aletheia

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